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24.2.2008    ...what a beautiful day with training...

22.2.2008    3 years ago, my darling Valentino was born. I will never forget your eyes, face and energy!


18.2.2008    Megy in the town, puppies waked up:-), Saturday´s walk on the river dam in winter jacket and on with snow, training in sweather on Sunday....... april is comming?


18.2.2008    Pictures from Megy, Mia and Pedigree elephant:). And some pistures from New Year´s Eve.


17.2.2008    Small Agil´s and Q´s in action!

...I love you so much...


14.2.2008    Some pictures from this weekend. And pictures from Christmas, skiing and New Year´s Eve. Some pictures from the first training in 2008 in pedigree:-).

13.2.2008    Some new pictures from "our" dady Baxter. 

13.2.2008    Yesterday I visited puppies. Small Agils and Q-s are beautifull. The eyes begin to open and the favouirite activity is eating :-).



Obrazek11.2.2008    We visited our friends Lucka and Yveta and their fourlegs familymembers (BC Anny, poodle Gina and 40 years old turtle). Megy was traveling with train for first time :). Link to pictures are above. They cooked us and looked after our program. We enjoyed the weekend, thank you!!!! Looking forward to see you again:-). 

7.2.2008     The small brother from Megy - Meyron is still looking for his home and new faminy. You can find more information about him here

7.2.2008        My friends Tinka a Simonka suprised me with beautifull logom and inscription to my webside! Simonka likes to do the design of webpages...have a look to her logos, or webpage. Thank you very much :).

3.2.2008     New pictures of Agil´s puppies are here.

2.2.2008     We visited our friends today. Parson-ladys Clea and Isis a border terier-lady Trixie (or border colie? :D as the letter from show "say") and their owners Veťka and Ivka prepare us nice afternoon.

1.2.2008         Our dogfriend Border colie Agil become 6 beautifull puppies. Here you can find some more information about them J.

31.1.2008     We were on international dog show in Trenčín this weekend, where we take part in the agility-exhibition. It was the first exhibition for Megy. She is my clever baby. So many people and dogs, barking and noise......and Megy managed it J. Well done! Some pictures.

30.1.2008    We were with our Friend Vero on a trip at Devínska Kobyla on Saturday (18.1.). It was raining all day long, but it was nice during our trip  and even we could see some sunlights beyond the clouds. Pictures